The Flow of Food

Food Safety from Producer to Consumer

Educate your staff to keep your customers safe.

Janice Mancuso

Certified ServSafe® Instructor and Proctor



The ServSafe® program, a nationally recognized food safety program developed by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, provides the training to educate food handlers about safe food practices. The program emphasizes the importance of basic food safety; identifies high-risk foods; shows how to prevent illnesses from pathogens, allergens, and cross-contamination; shows how to properly prepare, cook, cool, and reheat food; and gives the guidelines for food safety management.


Every employee who handles food should be aware of the risks, consequences, and damages of improper food handling. The ServSafe® program is an excellent way to educate employees about how to keep food and customers safe.

Keeping Food Safe


North Carolina Food Code Requirement


The food service establishment must have a certified food safety manager (person in charge) in the facility when food is being prepared and served. The person in charge must have received a passing grade on the food safety exam.


The Flow of Food offers one-day and two-day classes. The one-day class is best for those recertifying it provides a chapter review of the textbook before the exam. The two-day class is ideal for those who have not been certified. The entire text is covered on the first day and there is a chapter review before the exam on the second day.




Employees who are trained in food safety acquire the knowledge necessary to practice proper food safety procedures. Regular self-inspections of the facility will result in safer food, an improved working and dining environment, and the opportunity to earn a higher inspection score. Requiring that all employees have food safety training benefits the employer, the employee, and the customer.

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The flow of food is a term commonly used in the restaurant industry to describe how food moves—from purchasing to serving—through a food service establishment. At each of the nine stages, food must be handled properly.


ServSafe® food manager certification classes are held in Cary, NC, conveniently located near Raleigh and other towns in Wake County, Durham, and Chapel Hill (The Triangle) in North Carolina.


Classes are customized to your specifications and can be held at Chef’s Palette in Cary or at your location. Call for details.



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